Check our Classes tab for a full listing of tai chi and qi gong classes offered in the Coachella Valley.
Check our Classes tab for a full listing of tai chi and qi gong classes offered in the Coachella Valley.

Class Schedule

All tai chi classes listed below are for the Yang Family Form 108 with the exception of the Qigong classes. Please call the sifu who is teaching the class you are interested in attending (see names, phone numbers and emails below). If you are interested in hosting a tai chi class, please contact Sifu Verna at (541) 261-2665. Thank you!

Thursday, Mizell Center DHS, 11-777 West Drive
Sifu Verna; for info call (760) 902-9511
9:30 a.m.
$5 members / $8 non-members per class

Tuesday/Thursday, Mizell Senior Center, 480 S. Sunrise Way
Sifu Verna; for info call (541) 261-2665
2 p.m. Beginners
3 p.m. Advanced
$5 donation per class

Wednesday, Comprehensive Cancer Center, 1180 N. Palm Canyon Drive, (3rd Floor Conference Room)
Sifu Virginia; for info call (760) 898-5956
10 a.m. Beginners
$5 per class


Wednesday, Cathedral City Senior Center, 37171 W. Buddy Rogers Ave.
Sifu Verna; for info call (541) 261-2665
6 p.m. Beginners
$3 donation per class


Tuesday, Del Webb Rancho Mirage Clubhouse, 122 Claret
Sifu Catherine, for info call (760) 413-3432
12 p.m. Beginners
For DWRM residents only; register through Power of Fitness

Friday, Rancho Mirage Community Park, 71560 San Jacinto Dr.
Sifu Jay, for info email
8:30 a.m. Intermediate
No charge

Saturday, Sunnylands, 37977 Bob Hope Dr.
Classes will resume the first Saturday in November
Sifus of Tai Chi Circle of the Desert

10 a.m. Intro to Yang Family Form
No charge


Monday, Osher Lifelong Learning Institute, Cal State San Bernardino Palm Desert Campus, Mary Stuart Rogers Gateway Building, Room 303, 37500 Cook St.,
Sifu Maureen, for info call (760) 587-1738
9 a.m. Beginners
Must be an Osher member

Thursday, Temple Sinai, 73251 Hovley Lane W.

Sifu Diane, for info call (303) 916-4847
10 a.m. All levels. Please note masks are required if you are not vaccinated.
No charge; voluntary contribution to Temple Sinai appreciated

Friday, Ivy Ranch Country Club Clubhouse, 74580 Varner Road
Sifu Maureen, for info call (760) 587-1738
9 a.m. Beginners
$6 per class


Wednesday, The Citrus, 50-503 Mandarina (club membership required)
Sifu Darlene; for info call (760) 668-8382
9 a.m. Advanced
10 a.m. Beginners

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Monday, Joslyn Center, 73750 Catalina Way
Sifu Master Lu; for info call (760) 325-1047
9:15 a.m. Healing Qigong
$5 per class

Tuesday, Cathedral City Senior Center, 37171 W. Buddy Rogers Ave.
Sifu Ron, for info call (760) 898-3705 or email:
12 p.m., No charge

Friday, Cathedral City Senior Center, 37171 W. Buddy Rogers Ave.
Sifu Ron, for info call (760) 898-3705 or email:
12 p.m., No charge

Saturday, 9:30 a.m., Online via Zoom, for Parkinson’s patients and caregivers
Sifu Ron, for info call (760) 898-3705 or email:
No charge

Class Protocols

The following class protocols clarify the attitudes, behaviors, and performance standards that are expected from all who participate in classes taught by members of the Tai Chi Circle of the Desert. As a whole, they define the culture of our tai chi community.

Teaching Philosophy

Tai Chi Circle of the Desert is dedicated to teaching Tai Chi to all who are interested in learning for as long as they want to learn and are willing to participate in their learning.

The practice of Tai Chi builds energy and increases joy. It is best learned and practiced in a relaxed class setting where everyone can celebrate where they are in the learning process.

It is the student’s responsibility to find a qualified teacher and to listen to and to cooperate with that teacher.

It is the teacher’s responsibility to recognize and honor the individual learning capacity and approach of each student and to adapt the teaching accordingly.

The art of teaching requires on-going learning on the part of the teacher.

Student Comments

Tai chi keeps your brain engaged; it’s challenging in a good way! Physically, the slow movements improve your strength, stamina and balance, too. I feel calm and centered at the end of class.


I like the quiet, peaceful discipline of tai chi. I can practice anytime and anywhere, including just in my head. It provides me with a sense of well-being, as well as accomplishment, that I am learning the postures and am able to see the beauty of this old and lasting form of moving meditation.


Tai chi is a low stress way of exercising, mentally challenging, and fun.


As a physician, I practice and recommend tai chi for the inner peace and harmony you obtain from it. It can relieve stress that we have in our daily lives as well as improving our balance, which is so critical as we get older.

Dr. Lewis

Tai chi is a smarter, better exercise program without punishing the body.


I have studied tai chi for the past two years. I knew it would be beneficial with overall health, however, I have been surprised at how much it has helped my golf game. I have stamina, focus, and a slower paced effective swing. Tai chi has made more of a difference than lessons or practice.


Tai chi builds physical strength and balance as well as mental acuity and relaxation skills.


I take tai chi classes because I want to remain healthy, alert, emotionally happy in my life, and physicality fit as long as I am able. After each class, I feel emotionally charged and yet peaceful and serene with a feeling of accomplishment, understanding there is much to learn. I am 87 years of age.


A good meditation form for both your mind and body


I’ve been involved in various fitness and exercise programs for many years. I tried Pilates, fitness trainers, gym workouts, and yoga. But it is tai chi where I have found a cognitive awareness of the connection of body and mind as well as an inner strength and calmness. Tai chi is improving my balance in addition to muscle tone and strength. It is also sharpening my mental focus.