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Join us for classes and at Sunnylands, Saturdays, 10 a.m. , November 11 - April 27, 2024.

Words of Wisdom from a Master

April 18, 2011 4:59 pm Published by Leave your thoughts

Master Yu Cheng Hsiang recently passed on in New York. His students, in a recent issue of Tai Chi magazine recalled some of the wisdom he shared. It is well worth reflection.

  • Show up no matter what.
  • Don’t be a Monchacha. Don’t be a movie star.
  • Don’t be L-A-Z-Y.
  • Don’t say you’re tired.
  • Don’t think too much.
  • Don’t talk too much.
  • Don’t say “I know.”
  • Just do. D-O.
  • (And when you do) toil, ask, research.
  • Practice every day the way you eat.
  • Fold your body the way you need
  • to fold your clothes.
  • Sharp, Tight. Match the corners. Wipe out the wrinkles.
  • Give each move everything you’ve got and don’t hold back.
  • Technique is in the small details, the transitions from move to move, the end of each move.
  • Learn step by step. Move step by step.
  • There is no express.
  • Splash your face with cold, cold water in the morning.
  • Curl up tight and sleep side to side at night.
  • Forget your pain. Everyone has it.
  • Forget your troubles. Everyone has them.
  • Remember everything.
  • Position, Posture, Location.
  • Stay straight. Make supple.
  • Don’t grab.
  • Receive. Sustain. Release.
  • Learn together. Practice alone. Check yourself.
  • Keep the mind in the Tantien, same slow speed, same level.
  • Physical force in the lower body and only spirit force in the upper body.
  • Shift the body together, as a whole.
  • Meditate at night. Practice in the morning.
  • All secrets and techniques are in the form.
  • If you have correct form, you have everything.
  • Soften your personality and become more quiet and receptive.
  • Move like scissors sliding through silk.
  • Discover your own techniques.
  • They are waiting to be found in the transitions from one posture to another.
  • Concentrate the power of arms and legs into one whole.
  • Concentrate all your power into one point through the form.
  • And in the end, never think you are finished.

Thank you, Master Yu Cheng Hsiang

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