Many classes are on hold for summer. Please call the sifu listed on the classes page for details.
Many classes are on hold for summer. Please call the sifu listed on the classes page for details.

Be a Warrior

December 28, 2021 6:40 pm Published by Leave your thoughts

It’s a great time to become a warrior woman or man. In Tai Chi, the warrior journey starts with the Wu Chi stance, where you relax into “nothingness” (not into “nothing” … a big difference). It is when you relax your body and mind so you can “hear”, “feel” and “experience” your inner spirit. It’s how you prepare your being for the “moving meditation” of tai chi. 

Historically, tai chi was practiced in secret, within families (thus Yang Family, Chen, Sun and Wu forms). These family grandfathers passed on what they learned through dedicated practice of the tai chi fundamentals and principles gained as their meditative states deepened. For example, they learned all of nature is made from light manifested through the power of intention. And to become power-filled beings with the ability to perceive the energy and vibration that make up the physical universe at a much higher level takes intention and awareness. The masters used their understandings and qi practice to defend themselves, heal disease, eliminate emotional suffering, grow new bodies and age and die differently. 

The first part of learning tai chi is associated with the physical body, the material world, and sensory perception. As you master it, you’ll start to see beyond the most simplistic, literal level of reality. You will experience events from your earlier life that are imbedded within you. You will learn how to keep your balance as you choose which of these past events serve you well and which you want/need to discard. Through practice you will discover that you can craft a new “story”  that’s better suited to your intentional journey. You will yield to the negative energies that arise and you will welcome into your sacred space the possibilities of new expanded energy awareness. You will relax into a choreography of healing, learning, and discovery.

Your practice will help you see the benefits of being non-judgmental and the value of understanding how to become unattached to any previous suffering.   

As the “lightness” of tai chi builds within, and your root grounds you securely in your place, you will experience confidence. You will become luminous as you learn to send energy to others, knowing you will also receive energy in return.   

Tai chi is about yin and yang (polar opposites). For example, confidence is the absence of fear in the way that light is the absence of dark. Fear disconnects you from your own inner spirit self. Your challenge is to become strongly rooted and practiced in your form so fear is overcome by confidence and lightness of being.

Through your intention you will become a warrior that is confidently aware of the importance of “being” more than “doing,” of yielding rather than engaging. As a Tai Chi Warrior, you will walk softly on the earth and remain fully aware of the grace and beauty around you and within you.

As you are able to meditate more deeply while “flowing like a river,” you will learn that you are seeing and hearing differently, with your eyes and ears attuned to the universe. You will look around, seeing and hearing beauty, eager to see more and hear more.

You are the creatorof each event and incident in your life, nothing ever happens to you, it happens through you. You cannot fix the outer world by attacking—you transform the world “outside” by seeing clearly into your internal being and yielding so that the “outside” world cannot enter your sacred space unless it’s invited.

This doesn’t mean that you should avoid the world  . . . the world has great wonders to be internalized. It has lessons you miss because you have stopped listening or looking with Intention. Once you understand that you can heal yourself by moving qi, and by connecting to the healing qi of others, you’ll actually change the world. You will feel your energy and that of others blending to protect and help one another and the whole of nature.

Meditate deeply and you will Lose your Monkey Mind, Experience Non-Linear Time, Own your Internal Power and Experience the Alchemy in your Dan Tians. You will be a power-filled warrior!

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This post was written by Sifu Darlene Atteberry

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