Many classes are on hold for summer. Please call the sifu listed on the classes page for details.
Many classes are on hold for summer. Please call the sifu listed on the classes page for details.

Using Tai Chi Awareness & Intention During Flu Season

October 30, 2023 2:50 pm Published by Leave your thoughts

This is an important time to be AWARE that Tai Chi’s purpose is to move invigorating and healing energy (qi) in and around our bodies. We can use our INTENTION to direct this qi where we desire. Here are some thoughts for giving yourself a “Tai Chi Flu Shot!”

  • Be aware of situations to avoid, such as crowds or people that are sick.
  • Use intention to maintain positive qi flow by practicing your form daily and remembering the 70/30 rule; not exhausting yourself with too many activities.
  • Be aware of how bacteria and viruses are spread; wash your hands frequently, even at home… soap, friction and at least 20-30 seconds of washing!
  • When we do Tai Chi, our eyes are open and our mouth is closed. Be aware of breathing through your nose. To keep healthy, avoid touching mouth, nose or eyes with hands.
  • Be aware of the temperatures outside; avoid getting chilled. If it’s sunny and warm, use your intention to enjoy a Tai Chi Walking in the sun’s warmth! If it’s cool, wear warm clothes.
  • Be aware of your need for at least 8 hours of sleep everyday. Add to your relaxation time by practicing Tai Chi for at least fifteen minutes daily! Together, these are keys for keeping a strong and powerful immune system that will protect you from infection.
  • Use intention to get your qi flowing in and around your body; open up the windows in your home so energy-filled fresh air can flow around for at least a few minutes each day!
  • Be aware of the positive around you and bathe yourself in it. Negativity depresses your immune system… avoid “energy vampires”!
  • Be aware of times when your body needs more of your intention to keep it healthy. Practice Tai Chi form, use your Inner Smile, rest and relax!
  • Be aware of your body’s need for nourishment. Use intention to choose healthy foods to eat. Stay hydrated. Be thankful for having healthy choices!

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This post was written by Sifu Darlene Atteberry

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